South Australia Unveils Strategic Blueprint for Small Business Growth: 2023 – 2030

The South Australian government has unveiled its Small Business Strategy for 2023 – 2030, a roadmap designed to fortify and expand the state’s small business sector, recognising it as an integral part of the economy.

Small enterprises in South Australia make a significant contribution of $49 billion to the state’s economy, engaging nearly 40% of the total workforce and accounting for over a quarter of the state’s wages and salaries.

As articulated in the recent State Budget, an additional $6.5 million over the next four years will bolster the Strategy. The entire Strategy signifies a $14.25 million commitment from the State Government, underpinning practical measures to uplift small businesses.

The Strategy is the product of the state’s most extensive and thorough

engagement program with small businesses ever conducted. Through 21 round table sessions statewide, 19 in-depth interviews, and an online survey that gathered more than a thousand responses, the government obtained critical feedback.

In a launch event hosted at Adelaide Oval, nearly 500 small business owners and representatives joined a breakfast celebration. There, they learned of the 20 new initiatives that the Strategy will deploy in the upcoming weeks and months. These initiatives are structured around the following themes:

  • Enhancing business competency
  • Developing skills and workforce
  • Steering through the digital landscape
  • Amplifying business sustainability
  • Encouraging diversity
  • Enhancing access to government services.

Small business proprietors can now access the expertise of a team of dedicated Business Support Officers who will be travelling across metropolitan and regional South Australia. Additionally, they will soon have the opportunity to engage in capability-building programs that cover a range of areas, including financial management, marketing, cybersecurity, and strategic planning.

The Strategy also provides support to small businesses to attract and keep employees, offers additional mental health resources, assists in the pursuit of sustainable business practices, and facilitates access to networking and mentoring opportunities.

In alignment with the South Australian Economic Statement, the Small Business Strategy strives to bolster the capacity and productivity of small businesses. It assures that business owners have the necessary training, technology, and government support to grow and adapt in a constantly evolving economic landscape.




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